ShopX, Omnipresent to start ‘E-com Drone Delivery’ Trials from Sept 1

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ShopX, Omnipresent to start ‘E-com Drone Delivery’ Trials from Sept 1 art & design 第1张File image

ShopX and Omnipresent have got a go-ahead from the centre to use drones for making home delivery on trial basis from September 1. The e-commerce platform came up with the innovative drone ‘AirTrain’ concept that will allow small merchants to pick drone delivery option to get fast and easy stock. However, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Home Affairs does not allow all the companies in the UAV industry to participate in the trials due to tough technology and safety requirements.

ShopX is a Retail Operating system, where Brands, Retailers, and Consumers are connected. It has brought the 'Air Trian' concept that will not just allow the small merchants to get easy delivery service it will also allow them to get a wide range of the products within 30 to 60 minutes. These stores have limited stock as the conventional supply chains can refill their stocks once a week. But this new vision will work on just in time delivery across the Indian B2B value chain. However, ShopX is already running one of the largest eB2B retail networks in the country, with over 2 Lakh retailers on its technology platform.

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Earlier, drones have been used for surveillance and videography purposes but the remarkable action of the government now allows the companies to provide long-range deliveries such as food delivery, online purchase delivery, medicine and blood delivery in cases of emergency on a large scale across India.

It can be said that soon the buyers can experience the fastest delivery for their favorite items from the farthest destination. If the trial would be finished without any error then it would become a new revolution in e-commerce business.
Also, Omnipresent, with which ShopX has been tied up for this project had had earlier done trial drone deliveries for medicine for AIIMS hospital in Delhi. ShopX and Omnipresent had jointly done trial deliveries in ShopX warehouses. Omnipresent has also developed an inhouse AI Engine called the Nerve Center which allows smart scheduling planning detection and classification onboard the drone, news agency ANI reported.

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"Our drones have been deployed in almost all states in India now, they have been especially useful in significantly improving the output of industrial factories by giving them actionable insights on structural damage, catching theft, accurate stock calculation, virtual 3d tours and accurate mapping. Recently, we also got recognised as one of the top 5 UAV companies selected by Union Ministry of Agriculture to be given permission to do precision spraying to fight recent locust attacks via drones," quoted news agency ANI Aakash Sinha, Founder Omnipresent Tech as saying.

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